Things To Do For Free in North Wales This Summer

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Staying at one of our Lyons Holiday Park sites this summer? Here’s a list of things to do that won’t cost you a penny.

They say the best things in life are free. When it comes to fun family things to do in North Wales, ‘they’ are absolutely right! You can’t beat a good old sunset from a beauty spot, an adrenaline-inducing hike among some of Wales’ most challenging peaks, or a few hours full of laughter with your nearest and dearest.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of things to do for free around North Wales this season. So take a look at the below and get planning your summer staycation!

1. Go foraging on the beach for free

With the frequent onshore winds blowing in from the east, the beaches on North Wales are often home to some newly washed up gems. Some wind and sand storms do get dangerous, but they do bring to shore some wonderful mollusc, oyster, mussel, clam and cockle shells! There’s even a beach in North Wales aptly named after this: Shell Island. Around 1.5 hours drive from the flagship park in Prestatyn, Shell Island is just that – and island. So be careful when you venture onto this land at low tide that the same road is there on the way out! If you don’t want to trek all the way to the west, why not take the kids to the beautiful beaches of Abergele or Talacre where you’re sure to find some sea prizes.

2. Scale a sea monster


Did you know that North Wales is home to a famous sea monster? Well, one made of stone and slate anyway! The Great Orme that towers over the coastline of Llandudno are so vast that the Vikings named it ‘the sea serpent.’ The Great Orme was found to hold rich deposits of copper 4000 years ago and was worked on during the Bronze Age. The metal was used for everything, from jewellery to weapons. The rich seam of copper was mined for 1000 years, resulting in over five miles of tunnels and passages. Explore the rich flora and fauna to your hearts content by walking around or up the Orme, and enjoy the views of the Irish Sea, Colwyn Bay, and even Conwy as far as the eye can see!

3. Go for a free walkies to a famous dog

Credit: Adrian Baker

Got a dog that loves a good walk? We’ve got just the place for you! Currently dog-less but are you and the kids a lover of all things four-legged? Visit this place anyway! Beddgelert, which literally translates ‘Gelert’s grave’ is known as Wales’ “loveliest village.” Nestled among the crooks and rivers of Snowdonia, the village is picturesque, quaint and unspoilt. If you’re wondering who on earth Gelert is, make sure you read this poetic yet poignant story of Welsh Prince Llewelyn the Great’s trusty hound here.

4. Roam around a railway

Llangollen Railway is a must-see for any tourist – whether or not you even like trains! The line itself is 10 miles of volunteer-run heritage railway in Denbighshire, North Wales, which operates between Llangollen and Corwen. If you follow the railway tracks, you can walk up and along the Dee Valley between Llangollen and Carrog. Explore the hills of the Dee Valley and take in the famous limestone escarpments to the east and the glorious Berwyn Hills to the west.

5. Spot the stars

When was the last time you looked up at the sky at night and could make out more than just a few stars? Within the last hundred years, it has become harder and harder to make out stars, constellations and planets in Britain’s night sky due to light pollution in most towns and cities. There are several great stargazing spots near our static caravans for sale North Wales, and it is a great family activity to do when staying at our holiday parks. No special equipment is required to get you started, all you need is a blanket, flask of a hot drink to keep you warm and your eyes!

6. Walk the walls

Spend hours wandering the walls of the popular tourist town of Conwy – part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes incredible ancient ruins.  The castle and town walls are considered the best and most intact ruins in Europe. They stretch right around this medieval town’s core, running for 3/4 mile and covering 21 towers as well as 3 original ancient gateways. Not scared of heights, are you? Head to the top via the crooked old steps and take in the spectacular views of Conwy, the Menai Straits, Caernarfon and beyond.

7. Don’t be slate

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Snowdonia, and with the incredible and unique slate caverns that run deep into the heart of the mountain, rightly so! We do know that major things like Zip World and Bounce Below can be quite sharp on the wallet, but there’s no reason for you not to enjoy this natural wonder in all its glory. Take a trip to Snowdonia and rather than following the herds of tourists to the 1000ft+ peak, why not get lost in the might slate caverns? There’s plenty of areas to play hide and seek, and marvel at the wondrous natural elements.

8. Swim wildly (it’s free!)

It wouldn’t be a British holiday without taking a chilly dip in the sea! Trade the coast for the cosy lakes that beautiful North Wales has to offer. It’s your chance to change up the scenery and even take a more relaxed dip in an enclosed body of water! Wild swimming at Snowdon’s many lakes is an increasingly popular sport, and the best thing is – you don’t need any equipment other than your braveness and a bikini! Check out the best wild swimming spots here. 

Please remember that as fun as wild swimming is, you must respect the water at all times. Find out more about our water safety campaign in line with RNLI here.

9. Follow the white rabbit

Alice in Wonderland fans listen up! There’s a physical white rabbit tour dedicated to the fictional little girl. Rumour has it, she’s based on the ‘real’ Alice Pleasance Lidell (The real Alice in Wonderland.) Lidell lived during the summer at her holiday home in Llandudno.

The augmented world of the Alice Town Trails is perfectly in the spirit of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novels and is an ideal way to see the best of Llandudno’s Victorian resort. Download the app on iOS and Android.

10. Fall in love with the water


There’s no place quite like the magical Abergwyngregyn Falls, near Penmaenmawr. Located just off the A55 with plenty of parking options, this trail will lead you up to gorgeous Aber Falls. The waterfall streams from the Carneddau mountains and is a beautiful, must-see feature located in the county of Conwy. The path through the gorgeous woodland is pushchair friendly, and you are likely to come across sheep, horses, birds, and other wildlife along the way!

11. Walk on mars


Did you know that Wales has a ‘hidden grand canyon’? This man-made phenomenon is in the form of the ex-industrial quarry at Parys Mountain, in Anglesey. This site was once known as the world’s largest copper producer, with work going on for centuries and providing valuable goods to consumers worldwide. Its glorious shades of purple, white, grey, red and yellow make this former mine look like something from the Martian! Definitely worth an explore with the kids, where the imagination can roam free…

12. Wish in the well

Fancy visiting a local landmark that’s formally featured in an ancient scroll, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? St Winefride’s Well, in Holywell, is the oldest visited pilgrimage site in Britain due to its miraculous healing waters. Pilgrims since the medieval period have visited this site to bathe their ailments in the holy waters of this beautiful well. A chapel was built in the 15th century by Lady Margaret Beaufort, which includes a larger well where visitors can bathe.

Whichever Lyons Holiday Park you visit, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the local areas of Towyn, Abergele, Prestatyn, Rhyl, Dwygyfylchi, Gronant and beyond! Book your holiday today online or by calling 01745 342264!


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